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This article explains everything related to the vPlan subscription. All about the trial period, subscribing, modifying your subscription and canceling your subscription.

Try vPlan 14 days for free

You have the option to try vPlan 14 days for free. If you choose to do so, you can try vPlan using a few easy steps. Signing up takes less than a minute!


In the article Create account you can read how to create an account.

This 14-day trial period is completely non-binding. vPlan does not ask you to enter any payment information. You do, of course, have the option to choose a package and enter your payment information before the 14-day trial period is over.
Once the trial period is over, you can no longer do any operations in vPlan. vPlan automatically links you to the page where you can choose a package and enter your payment details.
If you do not work with vPlan for more than 90 days during the trial period, all data will be deleted automatically.

Subscribe to vPlan

When your 14-day trial period is over and you are enthusiastic about vPlan, you have the option of subscribing to vPlan. Of course, you can already take out a subscription during the trial period.
With vPlan you have the choice between four different plans. Starter, Basic, Professional and Custom. The price depends on the number of employees you want to plan. The four packages we offer are:

  • Starter

    The least comprehensive package you can choose from is the Starter package. This package is perfect for small businesses, which consist of few resources but still want to set up their planning as efficiently as possible. In this package it is not possible to link vPlan to your ERP system.

  • Basic

    The second package you can choose from is the Basic package. This package is ideal for SMEs. You can link vPlan to your ERP system and you can add five planning boards.

  • Professional

    The most comprehensive package that vPlan has is the Professional package. This is a package aimed at large companies, where you can also add a large number of users, planboards and automations.

  • Custom

    Want a customized subscription with unlimited vPlan functionalities, automations, planboards, storage and users? Get in touch with us!

For more information, feel free to visit or contact us.
To subscribe to vPlan, click on the Subscription section under Settings. Here, click the Choose your plan button. A window will appear on your screen. In this window, you choose which plan is most suitable for your organization. You select the appropriate bundle and package. At the bottom you can choose an annual or monthly subscription. With an annual subscription you will receive a 20% discount. Here you can also choose your payment method and fill in your payment and billing information. When this is all filled out and checked, click the green Confirm button.

Welcome, we are proud to welcome you as a customer!


The cost of the package does not include the cost of integration with your ERP system.

Change payment details

Has your current creditcard expired, has your billing address changed or have you moved to another bank? Then it is convenient that you can change your payment information in vPlan. Follow the steps in this article to quickly update your information.

  1. Go to Settings in the black menu on the left.

  2. In the same menu, click on Subscription.

  3. You will see a button Change payment method here, click on it.

A window will now appear on your screen. Here you can enter your new payment information or your new billing address.
When you have entered your new data, click the green Save button and your new data will be saved in vPlan.

Change subscription type

If you have a trial package and want to upgrade to a professional or basic package for example, you can easily and quickly change it yourself. Follow the steps in this article to see how this works.

  • Go to Settings in the black menu on the left.

  • In the same menu, click on Subscription.

  • You will see a button Upgrade your plan, click on it.

A window will automatically appear on your screen. Here you can easily choose which plan you want to use. In this window you can also choose whether you want a yearly contract or a monthly contract. The annual subscription is charged annually in advance. The monthly subscription is charged monthly in advance. The advantage of an annual contract is that it gives you a 20% discount.


When you upgrade your current package (for example from the basic package to the professional package) the change will take effect immediately. If you want to downgrade your current plan (e.g. from the professional plan to the basic plan), this change will only apply at the next renewal of your plan.

Cancel subscription

If you decide to end your subscription to vPlan, you can easily do so. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. In the black menu bar on the left, go to Settings.

  2. In the same menu bar, click on Subscription.

  3. On the far right of the screen you will see the text Cancel your subscription. When you hover over this with your mouse it turns red and you can click on it.

  4. vPlan will now ask for confirmation. This confirmation is requested because this action is not recoverable. If you are sure you want to end your subscription to vPlan, click the Yes, I'm sure button.


Some weeks after ending your subscription, your vPlan database will be automatically deleted.

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